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  • About Playtime Worldwide

    Playtime Worldwide is designed to be an adult counter-culture to all that is typical, all that is average, all that is mundane and repetitive in the social arena. And the cool thing is, you get an awesome opportunity at creating new relationships be they casual, business, romantic, or platonic.



    Our mission is F.A.B.B.R.I.C.

    Fun A-ctivities for B-uilding/B-ettering R-elationships I-n Culture


    Playtime Worldwide is designed to be an adult counter-culture to all that is typical, all that is average, all that is mundane and repetitive in the social arena.


    And the cool thing is, you get an awesome opportunity at creating new relationships be they casual, business, romantic, or platonic.

    Our flagship event is our monthly game night in the heart of New York City and our staple events also consist of:

    • Black Out Game Night (January 2019)

    • #PTSuper7; Simultaneous Satellite Superbowl Parties held in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, New Jersey, Long Island, and Washington DC by way of our area ambassadors. This time, we'll have just one but invite all 7 areas while adding Staten Island to the mix. (February 2019)

    • Single's Auction Game Night (February 2019)

    • 90's Game Night with special guest (April 2019)

    • April Showers; Donation based baby shower for less fortunate expectant moms (April 2019) #PTVillage

    • Inaugural Sandwich Stroll #PTVillage | #PTFit

    • All-White Game Night aka #WhiteNight (June 2019)

    • Juneteenth meet-up (June 2019) #PTVillage

    • The Annual Brooklyn Beach Bash (July 2019)


    • Inaugural Pool Party (August 2019)

    • The Annual Back-To-School Connect 4 Challenge (August) #PTVillage

    • The Annual PT Pedal Pushers bike ride & picnic (September) #PTFit

    • The Annual Friend Franks & Football (September) #PTFit

    • The Annual Halloween Party (October)

    • Socktober; Sock (and clothing) donations are collected and distributed to the homeless and less fortunate (October) #PTVillage

    • The Annual PT Turkey Day (November) #PTVillage

    • The Annual Kards 4 Kids; Spades class with a toy donation as your entry fee. Toys are donated and the class morphs into a spades tournament with cash prize. (December) #PTVillage

    • The Annual Mingly Awards & PT Prom After Party (December)

    • Playtime in Paradise (Starting August of 2020, [July 31st-August 3rd to be exact] Playtimers will enjoy fun in the sun at Isla Verde Puerto Rico)


    • The return of Ha Ha Thursdays (Our karaoke based game show & after party, full of laughs and entertainment. 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month)
    • Playtime Prep (monthly FREE classes offered for tips on card games and popular board games)

    • Playtime Platinum (monthly game night for the mature crowd)

    • Playtime U (monthly game night for the High School & College crowd)

    • Playtime Junior (monthly game night for the pre-teen crowd)

    • Brackets NYC (Our soon coming video gaming subdivision; weekly tournament)



    Our version of the Grammy's and Oscars but with a sexy/classy African (Wakanda if you will) theme. Our fifth year in a row in which we hand out over 30 awards to our Playtime family for what they bring to the table while serving as an Adult Prom & Party all open to the public! And again, while we're walking the red carpet, and all dressed up, we might as well turn it into a Prom after all of the awards and trophies are handed out. You'd be surprised how many people have never attended their own prom back in school due to many different circumstances. Let's make this an opportunity to make that happen for the first or the second time or the fifth time! And if you really want the full experience, you can join the after-after party and book a room using our discount, to be a part of the pajama & onesie shenanigans, games, etc... that will take place within our reserved block of rooms all night!
    AND THEN we'll be having an indoor pool party the very next morning/afternoon!


    Check-in starts at 6pm. Awards show will start PROMPTLY at 8pm!

    Entry fee includes:

    Red Carpet photos into cocktail reception

    Admission into Awards Show

    Admission into Prom/After Party

    Full course dinner

    (Just like at a wedding reception, your 4 options are Chicken, Beef, Fish, or Veggie Dinner.

    Please choose with your ticket purchase.)

    Live music


    Parting gifts

    Indoor Pool Party (if you're staying at the hotel)

    Special guests and more!!!


    Doors open at 6pm for Red Carpet reception. Awards presentation starts at 8pm.



    CASH BAR!!!




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    May '16 feature

    Apr '16 feature

  •  Brackets NYC

    Powered by Playtime Worldwide, Brackets is an emerging brand, looking to be the premiere New York City hub for both competitive and recreational video gamers. Featuring on-going tournaments, prizes, an energetic atmosphere, and an escape from the high demands of adult-hood, Brackets aims to be an oasis of both digital gaming and social interaction. America is full of basements and living rooms with control pads, game consoles, plasma screens and willing participants. Brackets looks to serve this demographic a heightened experience of gaming. Video game tournaments have been successful in many cities for many years however Brackets looks to capitalize by being a stationary, on-going attraction for Men and Women in providing gamers with an incentive-driven atmosphere, which they love, at a low-to-moderate cost.


    Halloween Hooky Day-Party



    In August 2018, there were 62,166 homeless people in NYC.

    Of that number, there were 15,189 homeless families with 22,511 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system.


    When you come out to our Halloween Day Party on Sunday, October 28th at Katch Astoria from 1pm-7pm, you will have fun... you'll show up in your costumes (preferred not mandatory), and have a chance to meet up with friends and meet new faces. You'll play a few games and take pictures and watch the NFL and/or NBA on the dozens of screens. You'll enjoy food and drink and music and dancing and all of that is way dope. And you'll be entering for FREE!!


    But (unless you are donating your $3 or $5 towards #Socktober) what you will be bringing with you, just might mean more than any of the aforementioned... SOCKS!! If you didn't know, when you decided to become a Playtimer, you decided to do fun things in a way that extends beyond just you. And for a world as cold and selfish as ours, that's a dope place to be.

    Your $3 and $5 (or more) Donations can be sent to $PlaytimeWorldwide via Cashapp, or www.paypal.me/PlaytimeDonations are given to your Ambassador at an area meet up.

    You should be proud of yourselves.
    Very dope of you.



    It's Playtime.